Derf urban dictionary

Something that is Dumb,stupid, boring, growing tired of. .

a person in which is both academically inclined and fans over things, also is silly and clumsy. A word that has recently been overused in the American English vocabulary. Large idiotic buffoon. per capita in American English. When the blame for something seems to fail to find a target, blame it on Derf MacGuergan When an odd situation arises, and you can think of nothing else to say, use this name to show your discontent.

Derf urban dictionary

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Learn slang and non-slang words from the people-powered dictionary app. Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist. *** note ** this made #1 on the "reader slanguage" in FHM magazine sent in by myself (march 2006) Aggressively grinding each other while making out Home page; Browse.

If you’re hip to linguistics, you alread. Middle English, of Scandinavian origin; akin to Old Norse djarfr bold; akin to Old English deorfan to labor, perish, Old Saxon derƀi strong, Old Frisian derve bold, Armenian derbuk rough, stiff, Lithuanian dìrbti to work; basic meaning: to work The only known use of the noun derf is in the Middle English period (1150—1500). Mainly used by people from Deforest or someone else in the area in reference to Deforest. Derrick cares about his friends even new friends (never wants to see a frown in his group of friends). when you meant to type wtf.

These names are carefully crafted to reflect the playful spirit of Derfing and may incorporate puns, word reversals, or humorous references. Mainly used by people from Deforest or someone else in the area in reference to Deforest. It started with earning calls. ….

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